Gas Mixing Cum Sensing System

Rotary Vacuum Pumps

SAI Gas Sensing system is versatile system which can be used for Gas Mixing cum Sensing requirements. System is designed in such a way that control Gas Flow and record I-V characteristics etc. Gas sensing System Uses MFC with Gas Mixing Software and Source Meter to record I-V Characteristics. It is a customised product and every user has different requirements.


Vacuum Chamber SS304 Vacuum chamber cylindrical in shape having internal dimensions of 150mm (dia) x 200mm (H) or smaller or Bigger as per User requirement. Chamber is provided with BE-2 feedthrough for Electrical connections in the base and a toughened glass view Port on the top side.
Substrate Heater A Resistive Heater which can achieve Temp. Upto 250 Deg C with PID Temperature Controller is provided. Power to the heaters is smoothly controlled by means of Thyristor power controller.
Substrate Holder A Thin Alumina Plate is fixed on top of Resistive Heater for sample mounting.
Mass Flow Controllers Ar or N2 or O2 or any other MFCs can be provided as per User requirement.
Gas Mixing Software A Propriety Gas Mixing Software is provided to mix maximum of 6 Gases as Blend.
Source Meter A Reputed make Source Meter is used to measure V-I values and plot Graph. A high end Source Meter from Keithley has capacity to measure and Plot I-V Characteristics. It has its own Memory to Store parameters. It also has capabity to to store in external Pen Drive in Excel Format.
Vacuum Pump Double stage Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump or Dry Pump of suitable capacity of reputed brand as per system requirement.
Vacuum Gauge Digital high Pressure Pirani Gauge to measure Vacuum from Atm. To 10-3 mbar is provided
Automation For Gas mixing requirements, A desktop or Laptop is required with RS232 Port. PC can be interfaced with Source Meter also if Source meter has capability.
Power 230VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase.
Gases Process Gas, Cylinders with Regulators, Connection Pipes etc.

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