PVD Deposition Systems

Vacuum Thermal & Electron Beam Gun Deposition Systems

Thermal & Electron Beam Gun Deposition Systems

Scientific & Analytical Instruments offers standard and customized Vacuum Thermal Deposition System in different size as per customer requirement to produce quality, thin and homogenous film coatings. SAI Thermal deposition systems are versatile for thin film coatings in Research, Educational Institutions, Semiconductor, Optics and Material Science Research

SAI offers independent Thermal Deposition or Electron Beam Gun or combination of both Thermal and Electron Beam Gun Deposition Systems.

Basic Features of Thermal OR Electron Beam Gun Deposition Systems:

Dimensions: 12 15 20 and 24. Custom Size also available.

Vacuum Chamber: Stainless Steel with Cooling channels. All the inner walls are polished to achieve low degassing rates and reach better ultimate vacuum and fitted with Viton "O" rings. Suitable thickness SS liners are provided inside the chamber on all surfaces to prevent the coating on the chamber surface by evaporating material. Vacuum Chamber is provided with 2-3 Nos. view Ports for monitoring of process. The chamber is Helium Leak Tested using Helium Leak Detector to an individual leak rate of 1 x 10-9 m.bar ltrs/sec.

Vacuum Thermal & Electron Beam Gun Deposition Systems

Pumping System: Oil Rotary Pump, Diffusion Pump, Roughing & Backing Valve, Butterfly Valve, Liquid Nitrogen Trap, Pirani & Penning Guages to measure Vacuum upto 10-6 mbar vacuum. With Turbo Molecular Pump and Cryo Pump, Ultimate Vacuum can be achieved in the range of 10-7 mbar.

Optional: Dry Pump ( Diaphragm Pump ), Turbo Molecular Pumps and Cryo Pumps.

Work Holder: 1 No. flat or Circular work holder is provided as per customer request which can accommodate multiple substrates of different size.

Thermal Evaporation Sources: As a standard, 1 Set of Thermal evaporation Sources are supplied with L.T. Power supplies of low voltage high current.

L.T. Power Supplies: As a standard 200 amps power supply capable of delivering 200 amps at 10 volts, 100 amps at 20 volts intermittent and 160 amps at 10 volts, 80 amps at 20 volts continuous is provided.

H.T. Ion Cleaning/Glow Discharge: A bar type ion bombardment gadget is fixed on the feedthrough to provide a uniform glow discharge and A 5000 volts DC Open circuit power supply is provided.

Shutters: Suitable Size shutters are provided as per evaporation sources (Thermal/Electron Beam Gun)

Safety Devices: Water flow Switch, LT & HT control switch, Electrical Load switch, DP Heater protection switch.

Control System: As a standard Manual. PLC and SCADA based to store recipe of Evaporation Cycle and automatic control of system.

Aesthetics: Compact and Elegant, Easy to Service and Cabinet Mounted for maneuverability.

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