Scientific & Analytical Instruments (SAI) is dedicated to service and try to reach customer in minimum possible time and provide a cost effective solutions.

We provide complete Services & also take Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for all Vacuum Technology and Biotechnology related equipments & instruments.

A brief list of products includes :

Vacuum Pumps:

Rotary Vacuum Pump, Diaphragm Pumps, Roots Pumps, Diffusion Pumps, Turbo Molecular Pumps, Vacuum Pumping Systems

Deposition Systems:

Thermal Coating Systems, RF/DC Sputtering Systems, Electron Beam Gun Coating Systems, LPCVD Systems, PECVD Systems, Microwave PECVD System, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Systems, RIE- ICP System, Spin Coaters, Dip Coaters, Langmuir- Blodgget Coating Systems, 6 MSPT- SEM Coater, Laboratory Size Cryostates.

Measuring & Control Instruments :

Vacuum Guages, Thin Film Thickness Monitor and Controller, Mass Flow Controllers

Industrial Vacuum Systems :

  • Vacuum Degassing Systems
  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Vacuum Ovens

Biotechnology :

Cryostat, Magnetic Stirrer, Magnetic Hot Plates Rota meters, Autoclaves, Laboratory Centrifuges, Cooling Refrigerator etc

Vacuum Hardware & Consumables :

Thin Film Deposition Material, Sputtering Targets, Vacuum Hardware and Consumables ( KF Coupling & Unions, Vacuum Valves, Bellows, Boats, Crucibles, Helicals, etc ).

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