Vacuum Components & Hardware

Vacuum Components

Scientific & Analytical Instruments offers the best vacuum components and hardware of your vacuum application needs.

Scientific & Analytical Instruments offers valves, flanges and other components specifically designed to control vacuum pressure, made with superior quality construction for high reliability.

  • KF Couplings KF 10/16/25/40/50
  • Moisture Trap (MOT) Size: 25/50mm
  • Fore Line Trap (FT) Size: 25/50 mm
  • Liquid Nitrogen Trap (LNT)
  • Water Cooled Condenser
  • Inlet Dust Filter
  • Oil Mist Filter
Vacuum Components
Vacuum Components
Vacuum Components

Vacuum Valves

Scientific & Analytical Instruments ( SAI ) offers an extensive line of Vacuum Valves engineered for reliability, performance, optimized conductance and value. The valves are designed from the highest quality vacuum materials with a minimum of moving parts for reduced wear and particle generation, contributing to high performance and reliability. The valves enable rough, medium and high/ultrahigh vacuum work in a wide range of applications.

  • Right Angle Valve: Scientific & Analytical Instruments ( SAI ) offers pneumatically operated Right Angle Valve of 25mm and 50 mm in Aluminum and other models Stainless Steel. Some Standard Models of Right Angle Valves are: RPV-25, RPV-50, RPV-75, RPV-100, RPV-150, RPV-250, RPV-350 and RPV-500
  • Butter Fly Valve / Gate Valve: Gate Valves are used immediately above the mouth of a diffusion pump or above the water-cooled baffles. The closure between the two sides is made by the movement of a horizontal plate in its own plane, the seal being an elastomeric. These valves are made in sizes of 1", 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", 20" sizes as a standard product.
  • Needle Valve: SAI offers manually operated Needle Valves which are suited for admitting defined, clearly reproducible gas streams into a vacuum chamber.In closed position, the needle is passed against the conical valve seat by a pressing spring. The needle moves in the axial direction. It is coupled to the actuating knob over a ball bearing.
  • Air Admittance Valve: SAI offers Manually Operated Air Admittance Valves and are designed and manufactured for admitting air into the vacuum chamber or pipeline to break vacuum.
  • Solenoid cum Isolation Valve: These valves are made in sizes of 12mm (SAV 12), 25mm (SAV 25), 50mm (SAV 50) as a standard product. These can be fitted to the Rotary Vacuum Pumps.
Vacuum Components
Vacuum Components
Vacuum Components

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