Vacuum Pumping System

Vacuum Pumping System

The standard Vacuum Pumping Systems consists of Rotary Vacuum Pump, Diffusion pumps and other hardware like valves, baffles, collar, gauge and plumbing lines etc., fully integrated and wired. Special Vacuum Pumping Systems are offered with Rotary Pumps, Root Pumps & Diffusion pumps or combination as per customer requirements.

The Vacuum Pumping Systems, are trolley mounted for easy movement, are capable of achieving an ultimate vacuum of10-6 Liquid nitrogen trap (optional) is to minimize the back-streaming of oil vapors, and ensures clean and better ultimate vacuum of 10-6 range. The vacuum pumping systems are fitted with Pirani Gauge to measure the roughing and backing vacuum & Penning gauge for measuring the high vacuum.

These high vacuum pumping systems have been used in both laboratory and industrial applications. These systems are are suitable for the most of the vacuum applications as per the customer specifications.

Vacuum Pumping System

Salient Features

  • All components easily accessible.
  • Compact construction
  • Simple operation
  • Allows direct connection of Vacuum Chamber
  • Pumping speed ranging from 120 lps to 3000 lps
  • Ultimate (Unbaffled) vacuum better than 10-6 m bar (with LNT)
  • D.P., baffles, valves, collar & plumbing are S.S. construction Optional

Optional accessories

  • Liquid Nitrogen Trap
  • Water Cooled Chevron Baffle
  • Electro pneumatically operated valve. (Butterfly valve, Right angle Valve)
  • Push buttons, automatic versions are available on request

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