PVD Deposition Systems

Ion Assistant Deposition Systems

Ion Assistant Deposition Systems

Vacuum Chamber:

Electro polished 304 stainless steel front door open Vacuum Chamber.
Chamber is having 2 Nos. View Ports of 4 Size and 1 set of inside shield.
Chamber is water Cooled.

Vacuum pumping System:

  • A Dry Vacuum Pump of suitable capacity and capable of achieving ?510-3torr vacuum
  • A CRYO Pump and suitable Compressor for Cryo Pump or Turbo Molecular Pump.
  • Rough Valve, Foreline Valve and Main Gate Valve along with Vent Valve and Cryo Pump Purge valve provided in the system with suitable plumbing Line.
  • Pfeiffer Make Guages are provided for Vacuum Measurement


Ion Assistant Deposition Systems
  • Four target pockets
  • Quartz crystal monitor for closed loop thickness control
  • Planetary substrate rotation system
  • 6 kW Power Supply, 10kW/15kW option
  • Uses Cryo-pump for rapid pump down
  • X-Y sweep supply
  • Automated process operation
  • 10-7Torr Ultimate vacuum


  • Substrate rotation
  • Substrate heating available 300C, 500C
  • Choice of Cryo/Diffusion Pump / Turbo Pump available
  • Ion Source for Ion Assisted Deposition


  • Thin Film Deposition

Chamber pumping performance:

  • Ultra-pressure:? 3 10-7 Torr
  • Film uniformity:? 5% (across 3 inch wafer)
  • Base pressure:? 510-6 Torr (within 30 min,Main valve open )

Control system:

  • PC Base + PLC + Touch monitor
  • Fully PC-based automatic operation with full manual override.
  • Easy-to-use computerized touch panel for parameter control and recipe entry/storage.
  • Authorities enactment with user name and password control.
  • Safety mechanism (Interlock Mechanism).
  • Recipes, historical storage.

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