CVD System

LPCVD System

LPCVD Systems

SAI Offers Syskey Technologies Ltd. LPCVD and PECVD Systems. Our Principal Syskey Technologies Ltd. Taiwan can fabricate from your drawings or use our in-house engineering to bring your ideas to fruition and solutions to your needs for LPCVD and PECVD

Temperature Range

  • Maximum temperature: 1500 degC
  • Control Accuracy: 1 %
  • Temperature Uniformity:< 5 %

Equipment Characteristics

  • Material: Quartz
  • Size(inner) : 2 ~ 8
  • Vacuum: =10-3 Torr

LPCVD System


  • PID microprocessor controlled LED display
  • Three zone control
  • Process gas flow control
  • Furnace type
  • Furnace type: Horizontal or Vertical (Optional)

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System

PECVD System

Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) involves forming solid deposits by initiating chemical reactions in a gaseous discharge. The discharge can be excited by using either RF, microwave or photonic excitation. It produces a wide variety of chemical species in ionised and excited states, free radicals as well as ions and electrons. The nature, type, concentration and energy of these species determine the growth and properties of the films.

Vacuum Chamber:

Electro polished 304 stainless steel having 2 Nos. View Ports of 4 Size.
Chamber is water Cooled.

Vacuum Pumping System

  • Rotary and Turbo Molecular Pump to achieve ultimate vacuum in the range of 10E-6 mbar and working vacuum between 2 m bar to 0.3 m bar (2000 micron to 300 micron).
  • Roughing/Backing/High Vacuum Gate Valve/ Throttle Valve
  • Microprocessor controller based combined Pirani and penning guage


  • RF Electrode for plasma
  • 13.56 MHz RF power supply with Auto matching Network ( 300W or 600W )
  • Gas Shower
  • 4 Nos. Mass Flow Controllers with flow range upto 200 sccm
  • Substrate Holder
  • Substrate Heater
  • Scrubber System
  • Manual Control or Automatic

Control System: Manual or Automatic with PLC and SCADA based

Automatic Control Features:

  • PC Base + PLC + Touch monitor
  • Recipes, historical storage.
  • Fully PC-based automatic operation with full manual override.
  • Easy-to-use computerized touch panel for parameter control and recipe entry/storage.
  • Authorities enactment with user name and password control.
  • Safety mechanism (Interlock Mechanism).

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