Spin Coater

Spin Coater

Spin Coating is :

  • A process in which solution is spread evenly over a surface using centripetal force.
  • Spin coating will result in a relatively uniform thin film of a specific thickness.
  • Spin coating is an important way of creating thin films in the microelectronics industry.

Scientific & Analytical Instruments offers APEX Make Spin Coating Units which is state of art Table Top, Compact and Cost Effective Device. It is widely used for Coating uniform layer of thin film on Silicon Slides, Ceramics or Glass Substrate. This Specially designed unit is free from wobbling of rotor-head to keep the morphology of film intact.

Applications :

  • Basic and Applied Research
  • Thin Films on Semiconductors, Metals and Glass
  • Non-destructive Quality control of Surfaces, Thin Films and Castings
  • Casting of Organic Thin Films, Optical Coatings and Magnetic Films
  • Film at Liquid / Solid Surface

Benefits :

Spin Coater
  • Facility of different kind of substrates and different sizes of delrin Substrate Holders
  • Fast and Easy Operations
  • Minimum Inertia to reach desired RPM
  • House in adjust Hood
  • Dial Guage indication of Vacuum Chuck
  • 8 Teflon Coated Working Chamber
  • Substrate Holder Size: 1 1 2, 3 4 ( Silicon Substrate Only )
  • Speed Range-100 to 10000 RPM
  • Acceleration- 2000 RPM/Sec ( Max)
  • Transparent Photo Resist Lid over working chamber
  • N2 Purge Facility
  • Spill drainage Facility
  • Compatible Oil Free Vacuum Pump ( Optional )

Models of Spin Coating Units available :

  • Spin Coating Unit Model SCU-2005: Basic Model with Speed Setting Manual Control with Speed range of 500RPM to 8000/12000 RPM and Timer adjustable from 1-999 Sec
  • Spin NXG-M1 ( Manual Spin Coating Unit )- Real Time display of RPM and timing status on LED display. Two Stage Spinning Control
  • Spin NXG-P1 ( Programmable Spin Coating Unit )- Programming through Microcontroller,Real Time display of RPM, timing and protocol status and on LCD Console. Two Preset editable Recipes and Ten Steps ( Max ) per Recipe.
  • Spin NXG-P2 ( Programmable Spin Coating Unit )- Acceleration Programming upto 5000rpm/sec

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