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SEM Coater

SEM Coater

SEM Coater is basically designed for sputter deposition of thin gold/palladium and platinum conducting films on specimen used in Electron Microscope works.

The basic unit consists of vacuum system with double stage Rotary Vacuum Pump to evacuate the vacuum chamber, where the sputtering operation is conducted. The vacuum chamber is made of glass cylinder with both ends open.

The Chamber is fitted both ends with `L' type Neoprene Rubber Gaskets for vacuum tightness and mounted on the base plate. The top of the chamber is fitted with a plate to hold the adjustable height cathode, which is fed with negative high voltage with reference to ground. This top plate hinged with a support for easier loading and unloading of the specimens. The cathode is a screw type and the material to be sputtered should be thin sheet form to fasten to cathode. The effective dia of the cathode is about 30 mm.

The specimens are kept on a platform mounted on the Base Plate in line with the cathode. A gas inlet valve for introducing pure argon into the chamber for sputtering applications is provided, on the front panel. An air admittance valve to break the vacuum in the Chamber at the end of the process is provided.

A Pirani Gauge with two gauge heads facilitates Vacuum Measurements at the pump and at the chamber through a change over switch. The H.T. supply with a transformer, rectifier indicating meter forms a part of the unit. Process timer with 0-6 minutes time setting facilitates reproducible results.


DIRECT DRIVE ROTARY VACUUM PUMP : Double stage Rotary Vacuum Pump with in- built gas ballast with motor directly coupled to the pump free air having pumping capacity of 100 lit/min. Ultimate vacuum when measured on Mcleod Gauge with gas ballast closed 1x10(-3)m.bar and with gas ballast opened 1 x 10(-2) m.bar.

VACUUM CHAMBER : A glass chamber of about 150 mm dia and 120 mm height with `L' gasket at both top and bottom for vacuum tightness.

TOP PLATE : It is about 16 mm thick and 190 mm dia aluminium plate with provision for connecting HT feed throughs and cathode assembly.

AIR ADMITTANCE VALVE : 1/8" air admittance valve is connected to the chamber.

GAS ADMITTANCE NEEDLE VALVE : Fine control type Needle Valve connected to the chamber facilities fine control bleed of inert gas for sputtering operation.

VACUUM GAUGE : Pirani Gauge with 2 Nos. of metal gauge heads with instantaneous selector switch to measure vacuum at two different points in the range of 0.5 to 0.001 m.bar.

H.T. SUPPLY : D.C. high tension supply with D.C. output voltage of about 2 KV at 100 ma for sputtering.

PROCESS TIMER : A timer of 0-6 minutes is provided to terminate the sputtering operations.

INPUT POWER : 230 V AC 50 Hz single phase with a peak power of 1 KW.

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